Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Grand Canyon, or, where Abbie will not go again....

Okay. Maybe that's a bit harsh. Let me explain:

We decided to visit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (somewhere that I've always wanted to go)

I'm just ever so slightly afraid of heights (read: petrified to death of them) and the park rangers (and Jesse) in their infinate wisdom forgot to mention that the path that we were heading down didn't have any type of bannister/bars on the edge (just a complete and utter drop off into the canyon) - not to mention the fact that the pathway itself was only 4 feet across... Lets just say that it was not pretty. If you were one of the nice people that passed me on the pathway I do have to apologize for the histrionics that you witnessed... I'm not proud of the fact that I had a full blown panic attack (along with tears and the fact that I couldn't move from the path) BUT at least I learned that I really DO NOT like heights!!!!

Poor Jesse - he had to go down the rest of the pathway with Jack while I hightailed it to the lodge to recover! Here are the shots that he got on the way!

Here are the pictures that I got safely from the top:

Jack was VERY excited about his Camelbak and his new hat! He actually kept both of them on!

If you ladies are laughing at my choice in hat wear I must show you the hat that I almost purchased:

Ha Ha Ha....

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