Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Our camping trip

We went on a camping trip with our church a couple of weeks ago -it was a lot of fun! We ended up camping with friends of ours that had preschoolers so it was designated the preschool camping area/nursery!!!!

Here is a picture of our tent, I think that we may have won the award for the smallest tent - we just used the one that Jesse's parents left us (I think it's a backpacking tent!)

Jack had a lot of fun with Daddy, I don't think I've ever seen him so dirty!

Hanging out by the campfire: L to R: Doug, Martie, Christy, Ed, Dena, George (baby) and Jesse

The kids had fun running about with each other! L to R: Tyler, Valerie, Matthew, Ellie and Jack

Here's Doug and Christy Doll. They're two of our closest friends here (we learned all about child training through them! Thanks Dolls!) They are also moving with us up to Kodiak with their two (soon to be three) kids - we are SO excited!

Me and Christy - please don't mind the wild woman hair!

Jack in his "pensive" mood

"I LOVE dirt Mummy!"

Jesse and Jack racing - I think that Jack may have won!

Jack and Tyler holding hands, I'm glad that they'll get to grow up even more together!

My strong lumberjack husband! We (by we I mean the men and Dina, not me :-P ) chopped our own firewood. Look at the muscles on this guy!!!!

Anson, our associate pastor chopping wood. Who knew that he and his wife Dina were such good lumberjacks?! Not me!

You can't have a camping trip without smores - or so I've been told!!!! They were very yummy and Jesse regaled us all with a great way to make smores!

"I LOVE these smores Daddy!"

"It wasn't me that ate that last smore, I promise, I didn't do it!!!"
YUM! Jack had his first smore experience - I think he liked them, don't you?!