Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's official... well sort of...

Jesse got the official word today (though no orders to prove it...) that we are headed to Kodiak, Alaska for our next duty station.

We are VERY excited to reunite with our good friends Beth and Zach (and meet their two kiddo's - when they were stationed in Clearwater with us they didn't have any! http://kodiakkoehlers.blogspot.com if you want to read about them and see what life will be like in AK!) We are also very happy to report that 2 of our best friends from this station will also be relocating to Kodiak - their son and daughter (Tyler and McKalee) are Jack's best friends! (Jack and Tyler had their first playdate when Jack was 1 month old and Tyler was 7 months old!)

We have a LOT of planning to do but we're going through a busy time also! A lot of trips in the next month!

For those that don't know where Kodiak is here is the mapquest site!


Visiting with Jesse's parents

Jesse's parents flew into Orlando to speak at a supporting church (Pinecastle - the church where Jesse and I met!) We drove up to pick them up and got to have lunch with two of their dear friends (Frank and Chris Garland) --- I think Jesse's dad was just happy to be able to go to Panera again!
Jon got this shot right after we woke up one morning (can you tell we hadn't had our coffee yet?!)

Jack really enjoyed spending time with Nana and Papa

I think Jesse enjoyed spending time with his mom also (though from this picture it doesn't look like it!)

We took them to Honeymoon Island (the state park/beach) by our house for dinner one night. Took a little picnic and watched the sun go down - it was a lot of fun!