Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our trip to South Carolina...

We drove up to South Carolina in early November for Josh and Rachel's wedding. I went to high school with Josh and over the years he's become one of my best friends so it was really a pleasure to be invited to his destination wedding! Jesse was part of the bridal party.

It was a beautiful wedding (from what I could see ... Jack threw quite a tantrum so I watched most of it from the side of the hotel building!) and we really enjoyed seeing friends who we hadn't seen in years!

It was a special treat to be able to see Adam and his wife Rebecca and their baby Noah!

The wedding was definately not complete without seeing Jose! He is the life of the party and we really enjoyed hanging out with him - he made us all laugh every minute we were there!

Jack Loved hanging out (literally!) with "Nanny LeAnn" - he an LeAnn got on VERY well! I miss all of our friends!!!

Thanks Josh and Rachael for letting us join in on your special day!!! May you have many happy years together!

Don't have a heart attack...

But there's a new blog up!!! Can you believe it?! (neither can I!)

Here's a recent picture of Jesse and Jack from one of our trips over to Disney. We bought annual passes this year (for Jack's birthday) and have been getting quite a lot of use out of them!!! The above picture if of Jack and I outside the "Finding Nemo" ride (yes, I'm wearing a Disney lanyard; Yes, I am a dork.)

Jack is now 32 months old (or, as I say, 2 1/2!) and definately a little boy. He loves trains/planes/helicopters/cars...and guns (or as he calls them - piu piu's! Must be all of that gaming that Daddy likes to do!)

We've really been trying to take advantage of seeing the area around here as it's our last one in Clearwater. We are sad but very excited about what the future is bringing! (more sad at the friends that we'll have to say goodbye to - we really have formed some wonderful friendships down here!).

For those that don't know (though I have no idea how you couldn't :-P ) we have only a few places that we could end up: Kodiak, AK (we have a group of friends hoping we get that one!); Astoria, OR (close to Jesse's family and some other friends of ours); Cape Cod, MA or Elizabeth City, NC (there are a few more but Jesse didn't put those on his list, hopefully we won't get those!)