Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pensacola and Mobile

We drove from Orlando through Pensacola - stopped at Milton to have dinner with a friend from Coastie Chicks (Brenna) and her hubby (Christian) - he's just starting flight school and had some questions about Naval Aviation - hopefully they'll be joining the 60 community soon!
We ended up in Mobile and used that as a jumping off point for a few of the things that we wanted to do: IE: the Naval Aviation Museum and visiting with another friend from Coastie Chicks (Amber!)

Jack really enjoyed climbing into the Blue Angels' cockpit and playing with all of the dials!

Piloting his own aircraft!

This is how we kept Jack from running all over the store! Worked quite well! (I'm only kidding!)

Here's a special picture for all of our Kindred Spirit friends! Can you spot the odd man out? We've named him Clyde and he really is enjoying all of the different stops on the trip! Miss you guys!

For dinner we went over to Amber's house (a friend from Coastie Chicks) It was great to meet up with her (she put on a wonderful spread with a yummy yummy strawberry dessert!) Jack really enjoyed playing on the Wii with Chase (and chasing Logan!)

Here's me and Amber. I'm hoping that she'll get stationed in Kodiak next! What a sweet chick!

Hanging out with Mary

I was very excited that we were able to stay in Orlando for a couple of nights before heading off on our long journey. This meant that I was able to spend a little more time with my BFF Mary! We've been friends for a long time (went to the same high school) and I'll be sad to be leaving her behind (BUT - she's getting married in October so I'll be flying into Orlando then for the wedding! YAY!)

Here's Mary and her soon-to-be Hubby Chris! We went out to eat at the only Indonesian restaurant in the Central Florida area (Asia Bagus http://www.asiabagusresto.com/menu.html )LOVED the food (but loved the company more!) - You guys will HAVE to come visit in Kodiak (Keep on Chris about it Mar!)

Our trip begins!

Well the movers have come and gone and we have left our home in Clearwater (I'm writing this a little late - we left the 23rd- but this is the first time I've had to sit down and get it on paper!)

We almost had to stay in Orlando until today (Tuesday) but thankfully we were able to get off on time...

Jesse and I drove seperate cars up to Orlando as we planned to ship his car (the CG pays for one car to be shipped if you're travelling out of the Continental US).

As Jack, the cats (yes, we're bringing our 2 cats!) and I were making our way up to Orlando I got a frantic phonecall from Jesse to say that when he'd cleaned out his car for the movers he'd had them pack his registration as well (which, obviously, he needed to be able to ship the vehicle!) The only option was for him to drive into town to go to the tax/tag/title place and wait in line for a copy of his registration! (If you've never been to the Orlando tag office then you have no idea what a hassle it can be!) There were 80 people in front of him in line (he arrived there at 12:30 and the car shipping place closed at 3.) 2:45 rolled around with no end in sight and so he called the shipping company who agreed to stay open late for him (until 3:30). One of the guys in line with Jesse switched his number so Jesse got bumped up a little in line. He finally got out of the tag office at 3:10 and raced to the shipping yard (he got there at 3:25).

Had that gentleman not exchanged his number with Jesse I don't know if we'd have been able to ship the car! It was Memorial weekend this past weekend and we knew that nothing opened until Tuesday! BUT we got it in! Yay! Needless to say that it was a nerve wracking experience and such a relief when we got it where it needed to be!