Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Continuation of Trip:

After hitting Mobile we drove through Mississippi and Louisiana on route to our next stop (just north of Dallas, TX). We made a detour in Longview, TX to visit Jesse's Alma Mater: Letourneau University.

This is apparently the Dorm where Jesse lived out his college years - a place that I've heard much about ;-P

I DO have to say that Jesse made fun of me because I was SO excited to drive into Texas. In fact I had my camera ready and squealed with delight when we crossed to border. Jesse, who has driven through Texas MANY times, just rolled his eyes and said that we'd be in Texas for a while so I should get used to it! (how right he was...seemed like we were in Texas FOREVER!)

The next day we drove up to Canyon, TX - just south of Amarillo (where we couldn't stop singing "Is this the way to Amarillo...?" Thanks for that one Daddy, we couldn't get that song out of our heads!!!!!

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